Tryggve N.D. Mettinger (Professor emeritus, Lund University).


Professor of Hebrew Bible, Lund University, 1978–2003.

Visiting professor with various teaching assignments in the U.S., Israel, the Netherlands, and South Africa.

Has given major papers at a number of conferences for OT studies and Comparative Religion and guest lectures at a number of universities.

Was awarded the Thuréus prize (humanities) 2008 by the Kungl. Vetenskaps-Societeten i Uppsala.

Photo: Solvi Mettinger

Academic studies and positions


• Studies in Theology, Comparative Literature, Semitic Languages, and Egyptology in Lund and Copenhagen.

• 1963 MA, Comparative Literature, Religious Studies

• 1965 Studies at the Swedish Theological Institute, Jerusalem

• 1971 Doctor of Divinity, Old Testament Studies, Lund

• 1971-78  Docent of OT Studies, Lund

• 1978-2003  Professor of OT Studies, Lund

• 1984 Visiting professor, Dept. of Biblical Studies, Princeton, N.J.

• 1991 Visiting professor, Dept. of Semitics, Kampen, Holland

• 1997 Visiting professor, Dept. of Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Stellenbosch, South Africa

• 2000 Visiting professor, Dept. of Biblical Studies, Utrecht, Holland.


• The Society of Letters, Lund University. From 1981.

• Nathan Söderblom-sällskapet. From 1985.

• The New Society of Letters. Lund University. From 1986.

• The (British) Society for Old Testament Study. From 1994.

• Old Testament Society in Southern Africa. From 1998.

• Pro Fide et Christianismo. From 1999.

• The Royal Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities, Stockholm (Vitterhetsakademien). From 2000.

• The (British) Society for Old Testament Study. Honorary member. From 2003.



Other assignments

• Consultant expert to the Swedish Bible Commission for the new translation of the Old Testament, 1977-1981 and 1992-1997.

• Expert reports to various universities on applicants for vacant chairs.

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"I try to draw a line between what I believe I know as a scholar
and what I know I believe as a Christian." 
Tryggve Mettinger